viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

Book Review: The Girl On The Train

Hi everybody! Today I'm coming with a book review, it's been like cutting edge recently, to be honest I downloaded it like 4 months ago but I hadn't have time enough to read it because of the college, now I'm on vacations I have all the time of the world to read books as much as I want.

The first time I heard about this book I though it was interesting (obviously it was) I believed it was about a girl who traveled with another girl in the same train every day or something like that, maybe the fact of thinking all the book develops in the same scenery I mean the train, made me postpone my reading, but I was wrong of course and once I started to read it really it wrapped me, you know, it has the rare effect that few books have, I'm not lying when I say I only left the book like 3 times to do other things to continued reading it after. of course I recommend passed a long time since I read a book who got my entire attention.

So I let you the the file to enjoy it!

Clic here to download the book :D

I didn't watch the movie cause I wanted to read the book first, but when I saw the review on Rotten Tomatoes I guess it dissapointed me, the book is really good, so what do you think about the movie? I haven't watched the movie yet. :P

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

10 Lugares para comprar maquillaje online (MX)

Hola niñas, este post esta hecho para las mujeres que vivimos en México y que nos encantan las compras en línea, sin embargo hay lugares donde las tiendas de tus marcas favoritas están muy muy lejos o simplemente no hay en el estado o ciudad donde vives.
Para eso es este post, aquí te dejo las páginas donde hacen envíos a todo el mundo incluyendo México y donde encontrarás maquillaje de la mejor calidad.

1. theBalm Cosmetics

2. Sigma Beauty

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills

4.  Tarte

5. Coastal Scents

6. Makeup Outlet

7. Vorana

8. Beauty Bay

9. Strawberrynet 

10. ColourPop

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016


Hi! If you're reading this maybe you need some tips to deal with your recent break up. The first thing you get to know is that everything is temporary, I mean, in 10 years you'll forget this little problem. Second one, is almost like what I mentioned before, you have to be thankful for the beautiful moments you shared with that special person. And you know what? once I read that if you want to hate someone you have to remember all the horrible moments you had with he/her, but if you want to stay in peace with yourself and have a good memory with no feelings, you only have to remember (when the occasion warrants it, I mean you're not going to remember your ex every single day) good moments.

Also you gotta know that everything that happens in your life has two faces, one good and another not so the good part of all of this is that you can use this break up as an excuse to give all your attention to yourself, YES! Enjoy your time alone, you have all this time and all this afternoons and evenings to spend them like you always wanted, and to do whatever you want; maybe join to a new cooking class or dance classes. You know, this activity you always wanted to do but your partner didn't want to do with you, or you prefered to give that time to he/she.

And the most important thing you have to realize is that you were born alone, you don't need anyone to live, but people who want to share good times with you. And in order to be happy with someone else, you have to be happy with yourself first.

I really hope these few words can help you at least to know that you're not the only one in this world who have had a break up, so cheer up!

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Clics and clics

Hi everyone! Guess who’s back on blogger again! Yup, me. I’ve been thinking a lot about writing like I used to, before the thing I already told ya in the lastest posts happened, but I’ve decided that I’ll be posting at least in my two months left of vacation. 

Aaaand, today I wanted to tell you something, most of the us ppl (I think) know about this kind of pages which pays you by completing surveys or watching advertisements, I joined this pages like two years ago but I recently started to work more in these pages, and yeah, it really works, of course you’ll get the money according of how much you work I mean, how many surveys you complete or how many “clics” you do, and if you’re from mexico, like me, you can realize it’s better because the payment is in usd, aprox 17x mexican peso. So… you can buy online many things. 
Personally I’ve bought lots of things, like makeup(lots of), earrings, laptop accesories, necklaces, etc etc, and the best part is that you can do this “clics things” like a hobby, in your free time, and it won’t take more than 20-30 minutes per day(if you wanna do this every day)

So I wanted to share with you this new thing I’m trying and it’s been useful for me so I hope it works for you, here’s the link of the only website I "click" and by clickin here I’ll become in your sponsor bc you’re discovering this website through myself. ☺ (which obviously won’t affect you!) I hope you like this post!

Some things I've bought