lunes, 22 de junio de 2015


Hi everybody! Thank you for reading me again, I haven't written anything since a few days ago, and I was really wondering about if I should continue writing in my blog or to quit doing that. 

A month ago my Adsense account was cancelled because I guess I made something forbidden, I GUESS. The mail said they couldn't tell me the real reason so I was like wtf?! Of course I enjoy writing and it's really rewarding to know that someone in somewhere is reading you, and is sharing your post or commenting them, I guess that's the best part about having a blog and it's also the principal reason that inspires me to keep writing but it really disappoints me that my adsense account was cancelled just when I was starting to make videos on Youtube; however I wanted to share this experience with you, principally because it really made me sad and if in some way I can help you, it'd be great so, I know most of you never would make anything illegal, neither I do, but it is always important to read the complete rules because sometimes you can't even imagine what's forbidden for some people, so I know you also write, and I wanted to ask you what do you think about it? What would you do in my place? Because I'm really in that point like "So...what's next?" I was thinking about to stop writing at least here. What would you do girls/guys?