domingo, 24 de mayo de 2015

Things to do on vacations

Hi everybody, today I'm gonna tell you many ideas about what you could do on vacations, maybe we have too much free time and it is always good when you know how to take advantage of that; I'll tell you some things I usually do when I have free time and other things I'd like to do too, so here we go:

1. Learn a new language
2. Write more posts
3. Watch tutorials
4. Buy new clothes
5. Decorate your room
6. Read more books
7. Download music
8. Go to the gym
9. Learn how to play an instrument
10. Visit someone you haven't visited for a long time
11. Make a garage sale
12. Create an excercise routine
13. Cook something special for your boyfriend/best friend
14. Watch a tv/online serie
15. Take morning walks
16. Spend more time with your pet
17. Try a new makeup style
18. Reorganize your makeup
19. Do something fun with your boyfriend/friends
20. Create a skincare/haircare routine

I hope you liked this post, kisses.