jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015


Hi girls! Thank your for reading me again, I know it's been a long time since my last post, but I've had a super busy college semester, but now I'm on vacations I have a lot of time to do everything I love and one of these things is writing.
Today I'm gonna tell you how I repaired my hair, and it took a few months, maybe 6, I didn't have a strict routine, so If you take these tips, and if you do them well, maybe your hair will be repaired in a shorter time.
Well, my hair was super damaged, I'm not kidding when I say that it looked exactly like a doll's hair, but in the bad sense I mean, totally dry and it was oxygenated, so I went to the stylist and she cut , maybe 2 or 3 cm; it was not a lot but it helped

Next thing I did, was to start changing hair combs instead of hair brushes; only to untangling my hair, because you know when you use hair brushes with a hair that tends to get tangled you'll break your hair strands.

Second thing I did, was, start looking for some products and I really really tried a lot of them and most of the time, I just ended dissapointed but finally, and after a hard research I found something kind of magical, aaaand the best part is that you can find these products easily.
So I started to use an avocado and maracuya mask, it has another ingredients of course but since I used it the first time I really felt the change, it keeps your hair soft and shinning.

After that, I remember I had bought a chocolate hair kit(also to repair my hair) and I didn't like it at all, because shampoo threw my hair, the mask was too oily and the conditioner also threw my hair, so I decided to use the conditioner BUT only on my hair tips, most conditioners are heavy and if your hair is damaged of course it's not resistant and it'll be easy to break.

Also I decided to change my shampoo, and the one I use is from Loreal, Elvive; most of loreal shampoos fit perfectly with my hair, but the one I recommend is this one.

And also from loreal elvive I bought a oil, but it was a little dense, thick, you know, heavy...so it was good to give my hair a shinning look, but it threw a lot of my hair, so I didn't use it anymore, and there's also a spray, I guess is more less the same formula but spray is lightweight and I totally loved it.

And the last thing I did was to buy another oil, it was cheaper than all the past oils I've bought and it smells super good also it keeps my hair very soft and shinning and I got it just for $75 that would be like 6 or 7 dollars.

I know 90% of women use argan oil, I've used it too, and I can say argan shampoo is ok, i'd like it to be more oily, I mean, It doesn't leave my hair manageable but dry; argan oil spray it's better but it only was useful in order to untangle my hair, it didn't give silkiness to my hair.
So what I can say of all of this is  that, organic products, you know with natural ingredients, are better, and natural oils products are the best to restore your hair! :)