miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

FAV BLOGS (of my followers)!

Hi  super beautiful people! Yesterday I posted about I'd be checking my followers blogs (on Bloglovin), I did it and I have to say I fell in love with all your blogs, they're really cute and especially creative! If I could write all your blogs in this list of course I would do that, but it's kind of tired I can't (lol). So today's post is about these blogs!... So when you're looking for some interesting blogs, and beauty, fashion or life tips maybe you could find what you're looking for, in these blogs. :)

Here we go!

I like this one because, first the combination of colors make it sightly, clear and girly. Style Sprinter is about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. And I think that replying all your comments is always great for the people who leave them.

Well, sorry but I have to say it, one of the reasons I like this blogs is because it's on my mother tongue, lol, I guess you know I'm spanish-speaking, but forgetting about languages, I like this blog because I find it, kind of interactive and I love that! Also this girl uses a cool combination of colors. I love pink so I love this blog. 

3. ash bam

This is a cute blog! The things I like the most, (in my opinion) were all the pictures this girl shows in her blog! All of those pics are amazing! They make you wanna travel! :) I loved this blog! 

4. Dusty Pearle

I love this blog because it has something cute, I mean when you visit it it looks clear, girly, soft, idk, the point is that I liked this blog a lot! It has many interesting articles you should read and the pictures are great.

5. Wonder Forest

OMGGGG! I really really liked this one! Here you can find a lot of tips and links in order to improve your blog and make it prettier. It's super creative and I loved the decoration, girly!! 

6. Chedsneh

And finally we have this one. Also I think the decoration and the combination of colors match perfectly. One of the things I like of this page is its Skincare section. 

Remeber I only took these few blogs of my follower list, I guess I visited all my bloglovin followers, actually all of you have amazing and interesting blogs. Thank you all for reading and following me. You're the best part about writing.
Million kisses!