domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015


Hi sweeties, as you know Valentine’s Day is coming so I already prepare my outfit, but i was thinking about what kind of makeup should I use, that’s why this weekend I decided to buy some romantic and soft makeup! 

So if you don't have the correct makeup for that day I hope you can inspire yourself with these makeup supplies, which I got almost for the half of their prices!

I really enjoyed doing that and the first thing I bought was a NYX lipstick, it is matte, and I totally loved it, Sable color and it gives your mouth a natural and cute effect! Perfect for valentines day!
My second purchase was a brow fix pencil from Palladio, it has a little brush included. I think it is incredible and I also completed this pencil with a soft powdered pencil from Femme Couture! It's like using eyeshadow in a pencil! 
And at the end of the shopping day, I bought a little eyeshadow from Sally it was in offer too, I loved this color because you can use it in the day and because it is a bright eyeshadow you can use it by the night too!
And finally, I got a Fineliner, I mean an eyeliner from Lure, I usually buy this brand because it stays on my eye lids all the day and I like the thickness of the applicator because you can make a tiny line or a bigger line and it's easy to use!