jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015


Hi creation beauties! Let me tell you that one of my fav day is coming! Yup! St Valentine's Day! Before I started college I used to spend all that day with my three best friends, now they're gone in other cities of the country the things have changed :( However we still remember all those day we had a great time. :) Also, I've met new people and most of them are valuable people, so I really hope to make a memorable Valentine's day.

But this post isn't about it, it's about what could you do if you have a LDR and you want to give your boy/girl something. It happens that sometimes, you could be kind of busy or maybe you're not good at making DIY gifts: here's the answer. BUY HER/HIM GIFTS ONLINE!

Technology makes our life easier so we must take advantage of this, you could do two things, one is, making your order and give her/his address. Or give yours, receive your order and add a letter or something personal and send the gift to your bf/gf! If you haven't bought online, lemme tell you it's so easy, you just have to choose, pay, wait and receive!

One of my fav pages is Light In the Box, they sell so many stuff that girls love, and it'd be so easy to choose a gift for your girl, also you could give her makeup; some online stores sell secret gift boxes and also your girl will love it. In my country there's a big problem, most of products I've ordered they say they can't send them here and I'm just like "DO I LIVE IN NARNIA OR ATLANTIS?" But, it's different in every country maybe you could be luckier and find stuff easier!

Here I'm gonna leave you some pages I love, and where you'll find everything a girl loves. 

The last three links are only available in europe and Sally it's only available in Mexico, at least the link above.! Comment if you know about another online stores which make shipments to all the world, at least in all America! 

I hope you spend a great week and also a coming Valentine's Day, in a few days I'll be posting about what I'm gonna give and also what I received! Hope you like this post! 


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