viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015


Hi ppl! This is a super fast tip and I'm pretty sure it'll help you. 
Sometimes busy or forgetful girls, well, forget to wash our faces before sleep, or maybe you go to bed too late and your makeup stays in your face almost all the day.
And this could be a problem cause pimples could appear and I hate thaaaaat. 

Well this happened to me recently and I always try to clean my face before going to bed but I usually stay up at night to study and when I decide to sleep, it's too late and my makeup it's almost gone because I stood with it all day. 

The first big mistake is trying to remove the pimple ❌. The only thing you'll get is a scar or a bigger pimple. I made that mistake :( so I always use one of my fav medicinal ointment, in my country it's "Vitacilina", which has retinol and neomicyn and it usually works for me. But not this time :( and I was so worried about it because I hate going to school with imperfections on my face. So I tell my mother my sad experience and she said something very useful! USE HONEY! 

I wasn't sure at all because I have a combination skin, I mean, I have some dry and oily zones in my face but I took a droplet of honey and it was like something magical for me! Of course my pimple didn't disappear at all but it didn't look like before! So my tip is: mix a droplet of Vitacilina(I don't know its name in your country) and mix it with a droplet of honey, and your imperfection will get better 90%.

Remember not all the skins react the same way. I hope you liked this super fast and useful tip! 
Read you soon! Xx