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Hi again giiiirls! I hope you had missed me all this time I wasn't posting BUT I've been reading almost all my bloglovin followers posts :) but today I'm gonna share with you something very special for me! ... I was thinking about all the celebrities that inspire me to do my hair, my makeup, to smile and some ideas they have, so today I'm gonna show you which are the five most inspirational women for me.


How can we forget those "Clueless" days? I love that movie and it was totally a success; the character that Alicia played was totally great and from Alicia the thing I like the most is that she always looked natural! And she's really pretty, at least when she was younger.
And, about Cher Horowitz! Of course, her fashion sense and the way she was kind with everyone. Don't you love Cher?



She's one of the most pretty actresses in the world, of course we can't copy her factions but one makeup trick she has is that she knows how to give her eyes a impact effect and a "bigger eyes" effect! With a dark brown eyeshadow, she gives her eyes a super emphasis and it looks totally great! Also this trick help us to hide dark circles


Her face contour! Of course! I think she has the best makeup artist in the world; they make her look gorgeous and at the same time, they give to Kim a natural look, her nose looks always profiled and tiny and her cheeks are so perfect! Also Kim has something important: She loves her body, it's easy cuz she has a perfect body, but that's not what I mean, I'm talking about being confident. She says "For me skinny is just a style of jeans, not a goal". And I think that's perfect for the girls who have curves, cause every girl is perfect! :)


One of the things I like the most are her lipsticks, she has a kind of dark skin and the colors she uses match perfectly with her tone. I have a regular skin tone so, I can copy most of the lipstick colors that Rihanna uses. Other thing I love from Rihanna are her nails and accesories! Her hands always look fabulous.


I love this woman because she's not a blond girl(blondes are so beautiful too :) ) and she's so sexy and beautiful, the thing I love the most from Megan is that she can use all lipstick colors; so If you have a dark hair color you can take advantage of this.
You can use a red lipstick or similar colors and it'll give your look a sensual touch, without being vulgar; if you wanna look natural you must choose a peach color or a light pink lipstick color.
This is why I prefer having a dark hair color, it always looks perfectly with almost all kind of lipstick colors!

I hope you like this post, I wanna tell you I'm so happy to write you again; and if another celebrity inspires you, you can share it here by commenting.

I'm having a kind of vacation, in my country we call it "brigde" I mean "puente".That means I'm gonna have more time to stay here and to reading your super interesting posts which I really love! Comment here and I'll follow you on bloglovin(In case I don't follow you yet) and I'll share your posts!

See you girls!! xx

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