sábado, 10 de enero de 2015


can I
for my
damaged hair?

Hi hi! Today while I was gettin' ready to go out, I looked at my bodouir and I decided to share with you this XP, maybe three years ago I dyed my hair, californian style, it was fashionable! And almost all the girls in my school did that, however, my hair resulted a little damaged and I was thinking about cutting it, but I didn't want, then I looked for some products that would help me and hardly they work, I mean I tried many products: shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, etc...but at the end of all of this...I found really good products! And most of them come from natural products, so today I'm gonna share them with you because I know we always want look better everyday!

1. Chocolate treatment

There are usually, mask, shampoo and conditioner. One of the advantages of this product is that it leaves your hair smelling de-li-cious! Like a chocolate cookie! And the disadvantage is that if you use it excessively it could leave your hair oily, and you don't want that; that's why some people recommend to use the chocolate mask to 1-2 times per week. I'd say that is better to use only a chocolate shampoo and interchange it with other kind of shampoo just in order to your hair doesn't get used to the formula, and using the conditioner just when you considerate it necessary(if your conditioner is heavy just use it on your hair ends.

2. Argan oil

I think there are many brands and many presentations. Using argan shampoo and argan oil after the shower or for combing, would be an excellent opcion. Argan oil leaves your hair soft and manageable and it has a particular smell, it's nice. 

3. Sweet almond oil

It's too easy to find, most drugstores have it, even some supermarkets; you can combine your almonds oil with castor oil and put the mix on, 1-2 times per week, just before sleeping (few drops). Some people give themselves massages in their scalp, but I preffer to use it, just on the hair ends; the next day your hair will dawn manageable and 0 fluffy.

4. Sun protector

Watch out! It's a spray and it tends to damage your hair if you use it frequently, so you have to be sure about when your hair will be exposed to sun, for example, when you go to the beach. Of course I don't recommend the daily use of this product because it'd be like using spray, everyday and it would mistreat your hair. But you have to protect it from the sun.

5. Liquid for after bath

This is optional as the conditioner and I wouldn't recommend using both the same day, try not to overburden your hair, this products are for you to use them different days according to your preferences. This product leaves your hair softer once you dry it, specially if you mix it with a drop of shinning oil.

Some people usually wash their hair every to days, I have nothing against that, if it works for them. All of this, depends of your hair and the kind of weather where you live. The most important thing is knowing yourself and knowing which products adapt to you, also, remember you have to give your hair a break of all these products and choose natural stuff.