lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

Wisdom teeth :(

Hi everyone! I know it's been too much time, it is just that I didn't have time, you know, sometimes it's kind of difficult when you got another responsibilities etc etc... But today I wanna use this free time I have and it's because I removed my wisdom teeth and I totally have to say it really hurts! But in almost all cases it's necessary to remove them. 

So, if you just removed your wisdom teeth there's a pair of tips that would help you. 

1. Rest! Yeah, it's such an important thing so please stay in bed for about 5 days and you'll get better. 

2. Use bicarbonate. Every 10 or 15 minutes rinse your teeth. Take a liter of water and mix it with a spoon of bicarbonate. 

3. Eat ice creeeam!!! Yeeah! This is the best part hahah! BUT you have to eat lemon ice cream. This is because chocolate or cookies ice cream has a lot of fat and your wounds could infect. 

4. Try not to speak. You mouth is weak now so please don't you use it. 

And the most important thing: Try to stay calm. :)

It'd help you mind to control you body well. 

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