miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Organized room ❤

If you're a girl I'm sure you have a lot of makeup, clothes and shoes, even if you have a few it's always important to have everything clean; organized rooms look great and you'll never have a problem trying to find your stuff, and if you're not very organized, you can check it and then inspire yourself to change your room and make it look better!

First, your bed.

Every mornig fix your bed before anything, and don't forget to change your sheets, so, your bed will be always clean and you'll enjoy to sleep there. :)

Your clothes.

I always thought that it'd be a good idea to organize your clothes by color, I do that in my room, and it looks pretty, here's a pic (not my room). It's really easy(at least easier) choose an outfit! 

You must do the same with your shoes! :)

And my favorite part: makeup. :D

In your makeup table, you can have many things, but if you keep your makeup in your drawer you can organize it too, another option is buying a makeup organizer like the photo and put it on your makeup table... :)

Also you can diy! There's a lot of videos in Youtube!

Or mix this two options like this, the aim of this is to customize and organize your room :)

Don't forget about your accesories! If you keep your necklaces in the same place you keep your blacelets, maybe they would break or they could tangled.

But always try to be creative, it'd be cheaper and funnier. Good luck!