domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Almost vacations! ❤

It's almost time to take out our bikinis because beach is ready!  Some people spend this week with their family and other with their friends, I prefer both :) In my country, many families go to the beach, it's like a tradition, so if you're going to go to the beach ...Are you ready?
I mean we always are ready to have fun but what about ourselves? Today I'll give you some tips about some things you should carry in your purse to protect your skin, your body, and your hair!

Sun gives us life but also it could affect us too much! Remember to protect your skin. 

1. Solar protector: Never forget that! You can walk on the beach, go swimming, play volleyball and your skin will be protect from UVA and UVB rays.

2. Hair protector: It's as important as solar protector is for our skin. Use it and you won't regret that beach vacations. :)
3. Sunglasses. Obviouslyyyyy! Sun and sand aren't that good for that pair of beautiful eyes. Try to find a nice sunglasses, like the one of the picture, you'll look incredible! :D 

4. Refreshing lotion. If you're that kind of girls who doesn't like feeling hot (even when you like the beach) this product will help you! When you feel kind of suffocated by the sun, just apply in your body and you'll feel fresh and comfortable. 

5. Lips protector: Oh my goooosh! I really love Baby Lips by Maybelline, they're so coloful and cheap, don't you feel you want them all? Because I do :D ...However you can get some other kind of lips protector, the aim of this is to keep hydrated your lips.

6. Beach hat! It is important to use a hat because it is going to protect your hair and your face :) Try to find a cute one.

7. Magazines! I love reading magazines, you can do that while you're taking the sun or just if you got bored; if you don't like to read magazines you can choose a book.

8. Music: If you prefer listening to music instead of read a book or a magazine, then don't forget your headphones or earphones, just if you want anyone to listen to your music. If you go to the beach with your friends it would be better if you bring speakers. :D

9. Towels: You can use it, obviously, in order to dry yourself or just to lay on it. :)

10. Snacks :) Yummi... There are two kind of snacks you could bring, you can prepare something healthy like a fruit cockatil, some grapes with a spoon of honey, a san dried fruits; also you can buy something like a diet soda, fiber bars, or my fav cookies: fiber cookies, they're simply delicious I swear! 

I really hope you liked this post and if you like some of this picture you can heart it in We Heart It and don't foget to follow me! Enjoy your vacations and have a lot of fun babes! 

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