domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014


Being in a relationship is always exciting, but when you're really in love with someone, sometimes you couldn't see things that should never happen; the secret about having a good relationship is our self esteem; never forget how beautiful you are(cause there isn't a ugly woman), another important thing is how he is, so when you choose a guy, think about this:

A good boy always:
Tells you how beautiful you are. 
Takes you home. 
Wants to know your family. 
Knows how to finish a discussion. 
Loves your defects. 
Spends all his money on you. 
Eats your food(even when it tastes terrible). 
Helps you with your problems. 
Enjoys watching you without make up. 
Listens to your music. 
Hears your problems. 
Makes you laugh. 
Text you before going to bed and before you wake up. 
Remembers your anniversary. 
Knows your favorite food. 
Watches movies with you. 
Well, there are many things here, but at least be sure to choose someone who loves you and respects you. Good luck! :D ✌️✌️

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